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The Built by Nature Fund is open for applications. The fund is established to further Built by Nature’s vision and mission – making grants to the teams and solutions that can increase the uptake of sustainable timber and improve its climate impact, overcoming some of the most challenging barriers. It offers grants of up to €250,000 per initiative.

Funded projects

Holland Houtland
Holland Houtland has been scaling biobased building through a new blended finance and valuation model. Supported by a grant from Built By Nature, Holland Houtland developed products that enable the project-owners for the development of social-housing projects to construct biobased-material houses. In the video below, Holland Houtland discusses what makes the right conditions for biobased housing projects in the Netherlands in terms of changing the process of selecting the design, build and financing partnerships.   Further, the Dutch organsation has created a talkshow-style video, hosted by Lucas de Man, speaking with Holland Houtland founders Chantal van Schaik and Sandra Nap about reducing living impacts on global warming. They adddress the country-based topic “We have to build one million homes and at the same time not contribute to climate change. How is Holland Houtland planning to resolve this?” The video presents Holland Houtland’s programme of 'Opportunity and Comfort' - building for the highest socio-environmental values instead of tendering for the lowest price Building what is required by extending within existing residential areasUsing less, and biobased, materialsBuilding a home aligned with the Paris agreement CO2 budgetAchieving affordable housing through alternative processes of tendering and building Click here for the clip of the video For this and more on Holland Houtland, please visit their website
IAAC – Spanish network and event
The Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IAAC), a leading architectural innovation centre located in Barcelona, will establish and coordinate a mass timber network for Spain, and will develop an exhibition with a publication showcasing the state of the art of mass timber in Spain as a foundational resource to accelerate initiatives and projects. 
New Model Building
The New Model Building is a set of design principles created by Waugh Thistleton Architects in collaboration with expert fire engineers at UCL and structural engineers at Buro Happold. The methodology explains how engineered timber can be used to construct multistorey residential buildings, in full compliance with UK building regulations.  More information to come shortly, meanwhile find out more on CLT here
Timber Accelerator Hub
The ASBP’s Timber Accelerator Hub is working with a network of key stakeholders to overcome the barriers preventing the wider adoption of mass timber across the UK. Read more here
ZeroCarbonFund is a collaborative impact-driven financial tool that covers the entire value chain, from forestry to timber construction, to the recycling of timber. It combines public and private funding to reduce CO2 emissions by  accelerating and increasing the use of wood in construction and ensuring the planting of new forests.  Read more here

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Built by Nature brings together an ecosystem of partners, frontrunners and innovative solutions that are able to scale systemic change in the sector. Funders with aligned visions and values are invited to join Built by Nature.

Founding partner:

Become a funding partner

Supporting the Organisation and Network: Contributing to the vision and mission by supporting operational and programmatic costs of Built by Nature.

Supporting the Built by Nature Fund: The Built by Nature Fund provides a mechanism for donors to pool funds and expertise in the timber building transformation, across the fields of city and building decarbonisation – and land use and forests – in recognition of the fact that the nascent field of regenerative building in unison with nature cannot be built by a single donor. It aims to maximise resources to the field through donor collaboration, increase knowledge of what works in this complex area, and enable agile and experimental approaches in this new field. Donors meeting our minimum contribution thresholds can participate in the fund’s Investment Committee.

Read our donor brochure for further information on how you can get involved.

You will be joining Built by Nature’s founding funding partner, Laudes Foundation, launched in 2020 by the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise to support initiatives that inspire and challenge industry to harness its power for good.


Centre for Natural Material Innovation
Bauhaus der Erde

Founding partner

Fund Objectives

The Built by Nature Fund’s objectives are to 1) Support strong multi-stakeholder networks to stimulate demand for mass timber, and 2) Fund solutions to address key barriers to scaling mass timber in construction.

In addition, the Fund runs time-bound ‘Built by Nature Challenges’ to stimulate the field to collectively address a specific topic. Scroll down for more information on our first Challenge – ongoing now.

Built by Nature Challenge

The submission phase has ended. Selected projects will be announced in due time. For any question reach out to fund@builtbn.org.

The Built by Nature Challenge asks “how can we increase the transparency of climate impacts throughout bio-based construction value chains?”

Regular funding application

If you have a game-changing initiative that fits with our Fund priorities, we would love to hear more about it! Submit it below and if it is a fit, we will invite you to an introduction call. More information in the FAQs.

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