Holland Houtland has been scaling biobased building through a new blended finance and valuation model.

Supported by a grant from Built By Nature, Holland Houtland developed products that enable the project-owners for the development of social-housing projects to construct biobased-material houses.

In the video below, Holland Houtland discusses what makes the right conditions for biobased housing projects in the Netherlands in terms of changing the process of selecting the design, build and financing partnerships.  

Further, the Dutch organsation has created a talkshow-style video, hosted by Lucas de Man, speaking with Holland Houtland founders Chantal van Schaik and Sandra Nap about reducing living impacts on global warming. They adddress the country-based topic “We have to build one million homes and at the same time not contribute to climate change. How is Holland Houtland planning to resolve this?”

The video presents Holland Houtland’s programme of ‘Opportunity and Comfort’ – building for the highest socio-environmental values instead of tendering for the lowest price

  • Building what is required by extending within existing residential areas
  • Using less, and biobased, materials
  • Building a home aligned with the Paris agreement CO2 budget
  • Achieving affordable housing through alternative processes of tendering and building

Click here for the clip of the video

For this and more on Holland Houtland, please visit their website

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