As the construction sector continues to steam ahead with current building practices, it’s clear that we will exceed our 1.5-degree CO2 budget within five years – and it’s clear that time to act is running out. In a recently published report, the concrete, ceramics and cement industry has assessed the potential climate impact of biobased building materials.
As a group of concerned and engaged Dutch scientists and climate ambassadors, we welcome the direction of the report and the dialogue it stimulates, but it has become necessary for us to fact-check the content of this report and refute several of the claims and conclusions of the report.

Prof. Gert-Jan Nabuurs (Wageningen University & Research), Prof. Jan Rotmans (Erasmus University), Prof. Arjan van Timmeren (Technical University Delft), Prof. Andy van den Dobbelsteen (Technical University Delft), Dr Pablo van der Lugt (AMS Institute – Technical University Delft), Jan Willem van de Groep (Gideon), Norbert Schotte (Gideon)

October 2022

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