This report addresses the future supply and demand patterns of the full range of wood and fibre products towards the promotion of a sustainable forest product market within national, regional and global contexts. Its scope covers the importance of wood and fibre-based products in relation to climate change mitigation ambitions; an analysis of the impact of climate change policies and other macro trends on wood products demand, and comparison of demand to supply while illustrating sustainable supply gaps in meeting demand. The report also outlines a high-level overview of potential interventions by policymakers and other decision-makers to curb a possible supply-demand gap by the year 2050.

Dalberg Advisors: Mokena Makeka, principal. Supported by Osato Noah, Devang Vussonji, Geraldine Worship, Iminza Mbwaya, Mugambi Wahomean, Divine Mutonia, Carren Mwanzia, Linnie Kamanda.

November 2022

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