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BBN Networks


Built by Nature connects organisations with the will and skills to change the system. Our network is made up of partners and industry frontrunners. 

Joining forces to accelerate the biobased building transformation

Built by Nature connects multiple local impact and global learning networks to build relationships, facilitate communication,  enable action and amplify solutions that drive the transformation toward a built environment in unison in nature. 

Built by Nature is a network of networks. We connect frontrunners and partners to drive systemic action to accelerate the uptake of bio-based materials in the built environment. Our networks share a common vision, aligning to confront industry perceptions and regulatory barriers, shaping the cross-sector initiatives required to drive transformation and sharing new knowledge and practical methodologies.  

Our frontrunners are developers, designers, investors, insurers, asset owners and cities from across Europe with a track record of innovation in, and commitment to, the bio-based building transformation, and a desire to drive collective climate solutions for the public good.  

Our partners are those whose leadership and work drives our collective vision and mission. They are part of Built by Nature’s DNA – each leading on critical solutions to the challenges of the timber building transformation. 

Local network solutions