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Built by Nature Fund

This fund has been established to further the Built by Nature vision and mission, awarding grants to the teams and solutions that can increase the adoption of sustainable timber, and improve its climate impact, overcoming some of the most challenging barriers – both practical and perceptual. It offers grants of up to €250,000 per initiative.  

The Built by Nature Fund is open for applications. 

Fund Objectives

The Built by Nature Fund’s objectives are to 1) Support strong multi-stakeholder networks to stimulate demand for mass timber, and 2) Fund solutions to address key barriers to scaling mass timber in construction.

Examples of funded projects can be found on the Solutions page.

Funding application

If you have a game-changing initiative that fits with our fund priorities, we would love to hear more about it. Submit your idea below, and if we see an alignment, we will invite you to an introductory call. You will find more information in the FAQs below.

Submit your Expression of Interest

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects can be funded by the Built by Nature Fund?

Built by Nature’s Fund is a philanthropic grant-making fund that is looking for gamechanging initiatives that will accelerate the timber transformation across the built environment, for the benefit of the public good.
We fund projects that address key barriers to mass timber adoption in the market. They typically fall in one or more of the following focus areas: Knowledge & Innovation, Strategic Communications, Networks, Policy, Demonstrations, and City Scale Projects. We specifically fund projects targeting one or more of what we call “the big six” stakeholders in the built environment industry, with the aim to support their adoption of mass timber. The big six are: developers, designers, investors, insurers, asset owners, and city governments.

How can I apply to the Built by Nature Fund?

Applications to the Built by Nature Fund are by invitation only. To start exploring whether your idea or solution is fit for the Built by Nature Fund, you can complete and submit the Expression of Interest Form via the link above and the Built by Nature team will be in touch about next steps.

Submit your Expression of Interest

When can I apply to the Built by Nature Fund?

Anytime. Expressions of Interests are reviewed regularly and if aligned with our priorities, can then be developed into proposals, which are then taken to the Built by Nature Investment Committee for review, and ultimately, to the Built by Nature Board for approval. Applications are typically reviewed by the Investment Committee on a quarterly basis.

Can the Built by Nature Fund provide grants to for-profit organisations?

Yes, but only if the applicant organisation can clearly demonstrate that the initiative is geared towards supporting the public good, and that no profit-making will be supported and/or derived from the proposed project. Please note that the Built by Nature Fund is not a venture capital investment fund, and therefore cannot fund for-profit entities in the pursuit of bringing their solution to market and/or scaling their venture. Instead, we fund projects that benefit the public good, meaning the sector, industry or market as a whole, without providing competitive advantage to any of the parties involved.

Which countries are within the scope of the Built by Nature Fund?

We are currently growing our network across the European Union, the UK, Switzerland, and Norway. We are constantly reviewing our strategy and will be looking to expand our scope in the future.

How much funding can the Built by Nature Fund provide?

Grants can go up to €250,000.00 per initiative. Please note that applications are expected to secure significant co-funding.

What are criteria for successful applications?

Successful applications are able to (1) showcase the gap or barrier in the adoption of mass timber that they are addressing, (2) clearly demonstrate the intent to contribute to the public good through the initiative, (3) target one or more of the “big six” stakeholders, (4) meet at least one of the current Built by Nature strategic priorities, (5) and secure 50% or more co-funding from other funders as a way to demonstrate buy-in for the project.

Will the Built by Nature team provide guidance and feedback during the application process?

Yes, if your proposed initiative fits with the Built by Nature Fund's objectives, the Built by Nature team will be available to discuss the proposal with you. Proposals typically go through a series of reviews and iterations before final submission.

How many times can I apply to the Built by Nature Fund?

An organisation may apply as many times as they wish to the Built by Nature Fund. However, as a general rule, we expect organisations to develop financial sustainability over the long term for their initiatives, so as not to rely on Built by Nature's funding for more than two to three phases of the work.

For Donors

Together we can create systemic change in the building and construction sector. Built by Nature's network of partners, frontrunners, and innovators allows us to scale our impact and make a difference. We are always looking for passionate funders who share our vision and values to join us and become our funding partners.

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