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16 March, 2023

Built by Nature Fund awards €250,000 toward study of moisture management in timber buildings  

Built by Nature Fund awards €250,000 toward study of moisture management in timber buildings  

AMSTERDAM March 16 2023 With moisture identified as a major technical challenge to timber construction in Denmark and throughout Europe, Built by Nature is pleased to announce a €250,000 grant toward research into moisture management through comprehensive study of a two-storey living lab demonstrator installation. The project lead is the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), working with implementing partners Build-in-Wood, an EU Horizon 2020 project coordinated under DTI, along with relevant stakeholders from the construction sector including Byggeskadefonden, a Danish non-governmental independent institution which monitors and advises on construction risk and quality in the field of social housing in Denmark.  

With a focus on connecting research insights directly with local insurers and developers, the project comprises a review and analysis of best practices in moisture management, drafting of potential solutions and mitigation measures and the testing of these measures on the mass timber demonstrator installation at DTI.  

Moisture mitigation measures, covering stages from design to demolition, will undergo live testing in the Build-in-Wood Living Lab, providing data on how the structure responds to various solutions. Byggeskadefonden and other relevant stakeholders in the value chain will contribute their data on moisture damage from existing buildings to the research and assist with the interpretation to ensure that the insights gathered respond directly to market needs.   

The team will produce the design, construction, and usage guidance document, along with a quality assurance system for moisture in timber buildings intended for broad industry distribution and application. The eighteen-month project will feature further dissemination of insights through a series of workshops with the Danish Construction Network for Timber buildings, the seven Build-in-Wood Early Adopter Cities, Byggeskadefonden and other relevant stakeholders in the value chain. A moisture management collaboration group will also be convened within the Build-in-Wood Community.   

“Moisture management has been identified as one of the main barriers to timber construction in Denmark and across Europe, even sometimes surpassing fire for many insurers,” according to Built by Nature CEO Amanda Sturgeon. “Built by Nature is encouraged by the projected outcomes of this grant initiative, most notably the articulation of clear requirements and the practical guidance on moisture management in timber projects.”  

Peder Fynholm, deputy director of Wood and Biomaterials at the Danish Technological Institute remarked, “We’re excited about the opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing among leading, credible organisations that this project provides. It also enables all to gain valuable experience in carrying out effective demonstrator projects and scaling insights across industry.”