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08 June, 2023

Footprint+: Circulaw Built by Nature

12:15 - 13:00, The Timber Stage, Footprint+, Hove Lawns, Brighton

Circulaw is an online legal resource for policymakers and civil servants being developed in the Netherlands to navigate the regulatory landscape around timber construction.

A key objective of the 15-month project is to overcome regulatory silos and meet a demand from cities struggling to reach ambitious environmental goals due to construction policy complexities. Hear from the team on how the platform will leverage legislative and regulatory systems to promote the adoption of mass timber in urban development. Joe Giddings is the chairperson and will be joined by:

Arjan Hassing, The Circular Innovation Strategist - City of Amsterdam

Romy Snijders, Strategic Design Lead - Dark Matter Labs

Bob van der Zande, Director and Urban Strategist - Balthsar and Partners

Register for Footprint+ here.