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07 June, 2023

ISHF 2023


While housing systems across the world have seen an increase in market-driven urban development and a retraction of the public sector in the regulation and direct provision of housing in the last decades, some cities – including Barcelona – are introducing innovative housing policies to respond to pressing social needs resulting from the financialization of housing, housing unaffordability, forced evictions, homelessness, or migration flows, among other trends.

It takes political will, dedication, time, as well as adequate and targeted investment to ensure that communities have decent, quality homes that allow them to have a decent living standard. Barcelona provides a perfect example of the potential and limitations of such willingness to strengthen its housing system in the context of weak market regulations and scarcity of public resources devoted to housing.

The 4th International Social Housing Festival (ISHF) will focus on the lessons to be learned from mature as well as emerging housing systems vis-à-vis emerging social and economic challenges across the world, with a special focus on Southern Europe and extensive participation from the rest of the continent, Asia, Latin America, and North America.

Register for ISHF 2023 here.