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20 September, 2023

Sustainable Development Risk vs. Reward

Gallagher Specialty's Exclusive Construction Event

The event will kick off with various industry experts including Sellar, Arup, Whitby Wood and General Projects with their thoughts on sustainable development. Speakers will include:

Meredith Davey - ESG Director, Sellar

Eoin O’Loughlin - Associate, Fire Safety, Arup

Ben Cross - Development Director, General Projects

Kelly Harrison - Director, Whitby Wood 

For the second part of the event there will be a panel discussion with insurers Aviva and AXA, where the key issues facing the industry regarding sustainable development and how current barriers can be overcome will be discussed. The panel speakers will include:

James Bell – Trading Manager, Property Investors, Aviva

Oliver Wright – Lead Construction Risk Engineer, Aviva

Alistair Baker – Head of Construction, AXA XL



The panel will cover insurers’ thoughts on:

  1. What are the key issues that the development industry need to overcome to encourage insurers to increase their appetite for sustainable development?
  2. London insurer appetite vs rest of world e.g. Scandinavia and USA - why is it different?
  3. What are the challenges with repurposing existing buildings?
  4. How does insurers underwriting appetite and remit align with their wider central sustainability and environmental targets and is there a disconnect between insurers corporate messaging and the trading businesses and if so how do we overcome this?