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Simon Corbey


The IMPACTT (Innovative Mapping and Processes to Advance Construction Timber Transparency) initiative aims to increase traceability and transparency in mass timber supply chains. Its focus is on biodiversity impacts, and input into revision of key sustainable forestry standards and certification systems to better integrate carbon and biodiversity assessments.

Led by ASBP and its collaborative partners – PEFC UK, DoubleHelix, Agrodome, Woodknowledge Wales, CEI-Bois, Timber Development UK, Stora Enso, and Eurban – this project selects five or six buildings in the UK, the Netherlands, and Belgium to undergo a detailed supply chain analysis focusing primarily on common mass timber components such as CLT, LVL, and glulam. The project will produce detailed supply chain maps tracing the provenance of the wood for each case study and analysing its impacts on greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity. Collaboration with PEFC UK, NL, and PEFC International is designed to support the incorporation of key findings into the revision process of the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management standard.

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