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ToP DATA: from Tree to Panel

Data for Accurate and Transparent Assessment.

Agnes Mewe

Senior advisor sustainable building

W/E consultants’ project “ToP DATA: from Tree to Panel – Data for Accurate and Transparent Assessment” works to generate better carbon accountability within the European Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) value chain by proposing new and accurate data to serve as the basis for Product Environmental footprints (PEFs) and Life Cycle Analyses (LCAs) that result in Environmental Product Declarations. 

The initiative maps the CLT supply chain, tracing its origins from the primary forest sources and through a combination of desk-based research, on-site visits, and interviews, ToP DATA assesses the availability of data on the environmental impact of these chains. This enables the examination of impact on product environmental scores and evaluation of product category rules (PCRs) which govern the calculation of these scores. To address data deficiencies, the project collaborates with supply chain actors to acquire new and updated data and enhance the accuracy of the building blocks of existing environmental information on products.  


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